Our Story

Why Karpuk Essentials?

We began Karpuk Essentials because we had a very difficult time finding deodorizers that worked great and smelled great. Most of the products on the market have overly strong non-sophisticated smells. We then set out to create a line of garment and fabric deodorizers for men with class that are looking for a deodorizer that matches their style.

Quality is Our Goal

We source all of our ingredients from the highest quality and purest oils to ensure that our customers receive the best smelling and performing garment deodorizers in the world. We guarantee the pureness, quality and safety of all of our products. All of our products go through thorough inspection and quality testing before they delivered to our customers.

How to Use Our Products

You can use our garment and fabric deodorizers to:

  • Remove cigar and cigarette smoke from coats, slacks and suits
  • Freshen fabrics in your car
  • Remove pets smells from your clothing
  • Disinfect your fabrics